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Veriuni pet care products are environmentally friendly and will pamper your pet. If your pet has allergies to chemically based products this could be the solution you're looking for.

Pet Shampoo

Safe and gentle enough for frequent use.

Make your dial-up internet connection almost as fast as DSL!
Surfing our Site
via Dialup??
Did you know your internet connection could be up to 5X faster?!

Veriuni™ Wireless provides nationwide wireless coverage via partnerships with virtually EVERY major mobile phone carrier, including AT&T Wireless, Cingular, Voicestream, Liberty, Nextel and Verizon; and cell phones from Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson... click for more informatioin

Did you know that the Veriuni store sells every major cellular service and brand of phone?

to view a short free video presentation on why the Internet is become the most explosive money-making opportunity in history!

Possibly the best book product at the Veriuni store to accelerate your home business

Ken Varga's book (you will read it at least 2 or 3 times) is a must-read whether you join us or not.

Did you know it is sold with a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee?

"Veriuni products are a leap forward in nutritional and environmental value.   Purchasing from our gateway site is easy and affordable.  You can also learn all about the terrific opportunity of becoming a Veriuni store reseller and SFI marketing affiliate. Welcome!"
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Start your own home-based business with Veriuni store products!

Veriuni™ Store Products

can make the dream of building a successful home business on the Internet come true...

At you can purchase some of the best nutritional, cleaning and telecommunications products and services available from the Veriuni store. You can also learn more about benefits of becoming an affiliate. We won't drive you nuts with long-winded pages of text or those annoying pop-ups. We promise! Affiliates sell ALL products.

Before you purchase any of the excellent Veriuni products available through our site, or take advantage of special offers on this page, we urge you to read it through. Get some advice on Internet Marketing your home business. See about Veriuni all natural nutritional supplements and natural cleaning products for home or office. Buy several excellent Veriuni products and try them! Then you'll truly know whether you want to become a Veriuni store reseller or not!

Now accepting New Membership Applications

Whether you're a buyer or seller of Veriuni products, we think you'll be happy with the results!

This site is intended for serious entrepreneurs who want to succeed on the Internet or in
their own home-based business through hard work and persistent and effective Marketing.

A Bit About Us (me actually) and Veriuni Store Opportunity

Hi. My name is Jonathan Wolf, and I joined the Veriuni store program more than a year ago. Yes, I am an SFI affiliate, and glad to be one. I have looked at more than 30 online business opportunities, and have joined in several of them. Let me tell you honestly, I do not know of any other multi-level marketing affiliate program that is FREE to join, has great products, and offers such robust online support as does Veriuni and SFI. Theirs is a rock solid, proven system.

I am 61 years old, and my background is marketing. Clearly I have at least a bit of Internet knowledge (I designed and built this web site myself, and if you're reading this it means I somehow got you to come here.) However, I've learned much from the powerful online training and super books available from SFI and Veriuni store.

If you're here simply to buy Veriuni products, then welcome! All of Veriuni is here in an easy to buy format, and I appreciate your purchase. On the other hand, if you're here thinking of going into your own business, I believe you should give Veriuni and SFI a serious look. Remember - it costs nothing to join the Veriuni store, and they give you hundreds of dollars in free educational "stuff" that you can use in any business you undertake. So how can you not take the next step? Read more...

Veriuni™'s own liquid multivitamin and antioxidant formulas energize your body and boost your mental power. Gleaned solely from plants and the earth itself, Veriuni™'s all-natural ingredients and minerals contain nearly every nutrient you need to fuel your body, mind, and spirit.

Getting started in your Veriuni home business

I have a bit of advice to offer you, and if you'd like more help you can contact me. There are several critical things you should understand if you're going into this or any home-based independent business.

  • The Veriuni store opportunity is no different from any other home business
    in one important respect. It requires a plan with goals, and work. But it is different in a number of respects from other online work-at-home businesses in that it offers you a proven structure, support and methodology to succeed, and a range of high quality products and services for you to sell.

  • There are few overnight successes - your business will take time to develop through a persistent process - success is not simply a one-time event.

  • Your business does not have to rely on the Internet or your web skills - but rather it depends on your ability to relate to and communicate with people. (The Veriuni Store actually provides you with all you need on the web once you direct people to your site.)

  • Your marketing is crucial. It means establishing a unique identity (branding) online (if possible) and offline, and differentiating your product/service from others. You must have a marketing plan to effectively sell Veriuni product.

  • You must also have a marketing and business development budget. There is no home business that costs nothing to get off the ground. Since "time is money" the more time you plan to spend on developing your Veriuni store business, the more of a budget allowance you will need.

Here's a Tip to Get Started!

The above said, there is no need to go overboard with these marketing and budgeting plans either. The very first step is to sit down with a clear head and a clean pad of paper and write down your thoughts on how you will be connecting with people about Veriuni, how much time and cost it will involve, and what you expect as a result. Set goals that make sense within your budget. Then review your notes and put them into detail: whom you contact, how, when and at what cost. Put down numbers. Then look at that plan - what actually happened - and if necessary revise it every two weeks or so. Soon you will have developed a tested and clear, detailed plan of how you will build your business. As has been said so many times: There are those that fail to plan and those that plan to fail. But the majority of the people that do fail in a home business "plan but fail to execute." Take it to the bank. Execute your plan.

All-Natural cleaning products from Veriuni are safe for your family and safe for the environment. Find out more...

Marketing your Veriuni Store on the Web

Effective Internet marketing involves its own unique set of online marketing and promotional tools which may be used individually or in combination to promote and sell your Veriuni store products on the Internet. Here's where Internet marketing gets really interesting... and becomes fun! These tools include:

  • Internet Web Site

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Search Engine Paid Advertising

  • Email Marketing

  • Newsletter Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Link Exchange Programs

  • Online Directory Advertising

  • It is not necessary for you to have your own web site to promote your Veriuni store but it surely helps. SFI Marketing does offer a wealth of offline traditional marketing support in the form of flyers and such, to help you promote your products sales, and you should still use most of the tools shown to promote your Veriuni store pages online even if you don't have your own site.

    Getting Started

    IAHBE's mission is to empower home-based entrepreneurs worldwide with information, tools and resources to achieve maximum success - LEARN MORE...An International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs membership is a great way to quickly hone your skills and learn both online and offline methods to promote your home business, whether as a Veriuni store affiliate, or any other home business.

    If you click on the graphic at left I'll take you to a page that tells you all about IAHBE. You can sign up for a trial membership here with a 45 day iron clad money back guarantee. Join today - it's risk free and what you'll learn in 30 days is worth thousands!

    Before you Join ... or Still Undecided?

    Buy it - Try it - You'll be Convinced!

    Have you ever been to a restaurant for a first time that you absolutely loved? The food and the service was impeccable - it was a night to remember. What did you tell your best friend about that restaurant? I'll bet you raved about it, and insisted that your friend go - and take you with him (or her)! Now you certainly could not have said that had you not been there.

    Perhaps you are not sure that you can sell Veriuni products? One way to overcome any hesitancy, and to help assure yourself that you can succeed in this business is to try one or two of the products you'll be selling. After experiencing what a great value they are, you'll be totally confident about having your own Veriuni store.

    Veriuni's Advanced Liquid Nutrition is truly a unique dietary supplement. One ounce contains nearly every daily nutrient required for protracted health - 127 nutrients in a mouth watering peach flavor - TRY IT - YOU'LL LOVE IT!

    I suggest you purchase either our most popular selling nutritional product
    Advanced Liquid Nutrition - Combine its nutrient value with its low cost and you will realize this is the product your family should be using every day.

    Or why not order the Veriuni Sample Pack of natural cleaning products (the Sample Pack is a great way to try eight of our most popular and effective yet environmentally safe cleaning products.)

    ...or... Become a Veriuni Reseller Now!

    Final Thoughts on Veriuni Store

    I know there are tons of scams and spams out there. I also know that Veriuni and SFI are certainly not among them. So I'd like to make you a promise and a special offer - if you register with Veriuni and SFI from our site, I will be on call to help you succeed in any way I reasonably can. Also, our parent company Optimized Internet Technologies is in the technology marketing business - we have consulted to large insurance, brokerage and Internet companies. We also get paid fairly good money for our time. If you become a Veriuni Store reseller today I promise you an hour of my personal consulting time on any marketing or planning challenge of concern to you - after all - in this business your success is our success!

    Good luck and good fortune in your home business endeavors.

    If you can't make up your mind this minute why not bookmark our site for future reference?

    Become a Veriuni store and Veriuni product reseller today!

    About Veriuni™

    Premium Products At A Price You Can Afford!

    What does VERIUNI mean?
    Put simply, VERIUNI means Very Unique - unique, premium products of the highest quality and best value; products that you won't find on the shelves of your local grocer or online shopping sites; products that you can use for your home, your office, your body, and your health, with confidence.

    Not every product has what it takes to become part of the Veriuni family. Each is the best of its kind, hand picked for its quality, ingredients, and value for the money.

    Veriuni's product line is comprised of advanced all natural nutritional supplements, liquid vitamin supplements, cleaning products, personal care and pet care products, telecommunications products, and more. Our all natural cleaning products are manufactured for Veriuni by The Clean Environment Company. All products are sold through the Veriuni stores of our affiliates.

    Veriuni is the consumer product division of Carson Services, Inc., headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. The exclusive marketing arm of Veriuni is the SFI Marketing Group (also a division of Carson Services, Inc.)

    Return to Top    Getting Started respects the confidentiality of your personal information. Your email address or any other personal information you provide on our site will never be rented or sold to another party.
    Only you will decide if you want to share your personal information with another affiliate.

    What are you waiting for? Become a Veriuni store affiliate today!

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